The Mamoní Valley Preserve (MVP) is the brainchild of Nathan Gray, who founded Earth Train (now Geoversity) in 1990 as a global community of young people and mentors developing values, practical knowledge, and leadership skills for Biocultural Renewal — renewing and protecting biological and cultural diversity. The Valley had reached its peak extent of deforestation and area in pasture (around 30%) around the year 2000. Enter Geoversity and its efforts to prevent the regional demographic trend towards urbanization from devastating the Mamoní Valley’s thriving forests and rich biodiversity.

In 2001, Geoversity established a compound called Centro Mamoní within the Valley for its activities. Nathan assembled a group of conservation-minded investors (the Mamoní 100) who began purchasing strategic parcels throughout the Valley. In 2014, Geoversity and the Mamoní 100 established the MVP. The MVP is conceived as an effective mechanism for expanding and accelerating the ecological enhancement of the Valley to regain its historic role in the region’s rich biodiversity, while, at the same time, becoming a model of sustainable habitat and a center for biocultural leadership training.

In its first year, the MVP enrolled almost half of the landowners in the Valley (by area) to become part of the Association, with an ever expanding Mamoni Valley Preserve Association membership.

Click here to explore the land ownership in the Mamoní Valley, the four villages within the valley, land use opportunities throughout the valley, and our long-term vision for its sustainable biocultural diversity.