Recognizing the extent and potential drama of emerging activities within the Mamoní Valley and the threat this poses for the biological diversity and cultural heritage within the Valley, a group of landowners banded together in 2014 to create the Mamoní Valley Preserve Association, working to collectively promote the mission of the Mamoní Valley Preserve.

All Mamoní Valley Preserve Association members are required to sign and adhere to a Mamoní Valley Preserve Association Partnership Pledge.

stakeholders-partnership-pledge-300x135 landowner-partnership-pledge-300x135

All Mamoní Valley Preserve Association members pledge to use their best efforts to manage their existing properties to achieve major protection as outlined in the Mamoní Valley Preserve Association Landowner Partnership Pledge and Stakeholder Partnership Pledge.

The Mamoní Valley Preserve Association is initially governed by the MVP Directors. All Mamoní Valley Preserve Association members serve in an advisory capacity to the Governing Board. The intent is that over time, the Association will become its own stand-alone non-profit organization with its own Governing Board.

The current landholders who support the permanent conservation of the Mamoní Valley Preserve include: Mamoní Valley Foundation (US), Geoversity Foundation (US), Fundación Geoversity (Panama), the Mamoní 100 Membership Club, ForestFinance, the private reserve CREA, Kaminando, and the Monteza family.