The Mamoní Valley Preserve is a 4,970-hectare (12,900-acre) land conservancy aspiring to geographically include the entire 11,700-hectare upper Mamoní watershed.


We envision the Mamoní Valley Preserve to become a peaceful place on the planet where the plants, people and animals of the entire upper Mamoní Valley co-exist harmoniously in a thriving rainforest environment, for global impact


The intent of the Mamoní Valley Preserve is to protect the land and inhabitants of the Valley and also to function as a buffer zone protecting 12 miles of the southern border of the Guna Yala indigenous territory and the eastern edge of the upper reaches of Chagres National Park from the rapid and often chaotic development along the Panamerican Highway corridor.

Measures of Success

The success of the Mamoní Valley Preserve over the years will be demonstrated by:

  • the amount of land that is forested within the watershed.
  • inventories of animals and birds commonly found within the Valley.
  • the employment level and average earnings among Valley residents.
  • the number of landowners participating in the Mamoní Valley Preserve Association.
  • the percent of the Valley area represented by the Mamoní Valley Preserve Association.
  • the number of Valley residents and visitors from around the world participating in training activities in the Valley.
  • the number of people from around the world having a life changing experience in the Valley.

Fundación Geoversity (formerly Earth Train), is the Panamanian not-for-profit umbrella organization responsible for sustainable governance, conservation and development of all initiatives related to both Geoversity and the Mamoní Valley Preserve.