As part of the Mamoní Valley Preserve’s ongoing efforts to champion forest conservation and the support of sustainable tropical livelihoods in the Mamoni Valley and elsewhere in the Choco-Darien ecosystem, we have taken advantage of this opportunity to provide a platform for information distribution to help guide the curious and the serious alike. The first two pages are based on our own ongoing efforts in the Mamoní Valley of classifying and managing tropical forests in their varying stages of maturity and evolution. The third page reflects the Mamoní Valley Preserve’s desire to be an information source and knowledge clearinghouse.  It provides links to pertinent forest legislation, initiatives, events and cutting edge scientific research in the fields of forest management, community development,and tropical landscape conservation.

The Panama Forest Code is comprised of a series of laws and rulings that we share and interpret here in order to assist other collaborators in the protection and expansion of Panama’s breathtaking tropical forests.  It provides links and explanations related to the Panamanian legislation and international agreements that pertain to forest management and its definitions. This page additionally has links to various forestry incentives and Panamanian forestry initiatives, like the million hectare challenge.

The Mamoní Land Use Classification Primer is a brief overview of how the Mamoní Valley Preserve and its Association members approach land management and the constant forces of tropical forest succession.  Our Land Classification System includes 17 distinct categories of land use that can be found in the Valley, from open abandoned cattle fields to the dense dark mature forests with full canopy cover.

Forest Restoration and Community Development Resources provides links relevant to the protection and ultimate enhancement of the Mamoní Valley.