rainforest-capital-land-managementThe Mamoní 100’s ambition is to demonstrate that conservation and biodiversity can be accomplished as the primary mission of for-profit organizations  — that strategically developing 10%-15% of the land can generate enough income to enhance and preserve the remaining 85%-90%.  The Rainforest Capital Management team is the creator and manager of The Mamoní 100, which has title to or is converting derecho posesorio of approximately 3,500 hectares of land in the Valley, about one third of the 11,500-hectare watershed.

To achieve its ambitious ecological enhancement goal, The Mamoní 100 conducts three interventions:

  • It acquires land in order to conserve what portion is forested; prevent further misuse; make the land available for restoration, agroforestry, conservation investment.
  • It manages and enhances land by titling derecho posesorio, mapping, controlling pasture and rastrojo, maintaining a nursery, selectively planting to attract wildlife and beautify the landscape, and preventing poaching of timber and incursion by neighboring livestock.
  • It generates revenue by launching sustainable business enterprises and selling land to like-minded individuals and organizations who commit to fostering the goals of the MVP

The Mamoní 100 is fully engaged with management that includes an entrepreneur and real estate expert, a sustainability pioneer, a tropical forester, and a resource economist, along with a community development/ animal production specialist and a team of full-time employees active in the Valley.