forest-finance-mamoni-valley-preserveTropical Forest Plantations

The ForestFinance Group is the leading forest direct-investment provider in Europe with a forest and agroforestry area of over 16,000 hectares under management. The company provides forestry investment products and manages assets for more than 12,000 customers, with current investments amounting to roughly 60 million euros. The firm has more than 18 years of experience in the development of ecological forest and agroforestry investments in Latin America and Asia.

ForestFinance Panama has planted ecological mixed forests in Panama since the 1990’s. It has conducted ecosystem restoration and sustainable management of forestry and agroforestry, which have added benefits for biodiversity and local communities. ForestFinance’s goal is to support conservation and biodiversity by converting the value of certified and sustainably managed forests into economic and ecological investment products. The ideal symbiosis of profitable investments and ecologically and socially meaningful activities is the prime focus of the venture.

Moving into the Mamoní Valley in 2014, ForestFinance is conducting sustainable tropical reforestation on 120 hectares in the Valley, having first acquired experimental native timber plantation assets developed by the Rainforest Capital Management team and later purchased additional land for more plantings.