Nathan Gray founded Earth Train in 1990 as a global community of young people and mentors developing values, practical knowledge, and leadership skills for Biocultural Renewal. In 2001, he established a compound called Centro Mamoní within the Valley for Earth Train to conduct its training activities, and Fundación Earth Train as the organization’s Panamanian not-for-profit counterpart.

Earth Train’s ambition is to place the Mamoní Valley Preserve as the world campus, an incubation center and model, for Biocultural Leadership engaging young people who are seeking to develop their skills and for adults willing to serve as their coaches and mentors.

Earth Train offers a rich menu of learning and service opportunities in Panama. These include:

  • Volunteers & Interns — A volunteership or internship with Earth Train creates the opportunity to work in community development, sustainable agriculture, solving chronic social problems, and more. Click here for details.
  • Educators & Institutions — Earth Train develops partnerships with educators and educational institutions to deliver repeatable curricula and workshops that work for them and for the young people whose lives they shape. Click here for details.
  • Scientists & Research Institutions — Earth Train collaborates with scientists and research institutions on long-term projects at its Centro Mamoní Campus. Click here for details.
  • Business Leaders & Designers — Earth Train conducts training and demonstration programs related to sustainable forestry practices with an emphasis on native tree species. Click here for details.
  • EcoAdventurers & Families — Earth Train seeks friends and partners to enjoy the bounty of its labor, and the satisfaction of supporting it in the work it does. Click here for details.
  • Mentors & Partners — Earth Train seeks anyone with a background in business, design or some other practical skill set to mentor a young biocultural leader from an indigenous community, or assist a school in launching a new initiative in nature appreciation. Click here for details.

Earth Train owns and protects 326 hectares of tropical rainforest – the lands that house the Centro Mamoní compound, Earth Train’s jungle headquarters.

Centro Mamoní is home to conservation research, workshops, leadership training, and a variety of hands-on and adventure-based learning experiences for teachers, children, college students, film-makers, artists, researchers, and nature guides-in-training. Located at forest’s edge just below the Continental Divide on the southwest border of Guna Yala – Centro Mamoní has over 1,500 square meters of available housing, meeting, shop and recreational space – all powered with a micro-hydro-electric system and linked to the world through a broadband satellite service.