crea-cocobolo-reserve-waterfallConservation through Research Education and Action (CREA) conserves and undertakes conservation activities at the Cocobolo Nature Reserve in the Mamoní Valley. The 410 hectare Cocobolo Nature Reserve was established in 2005 and since then CREA has set about implementing research and education activities on the property. The reserve traverses the hillside from the valley floor at the Rio Mamoní at approximately 270 meters above sea level up to the ridge of the cordillera de San Blas at over 800 meters.

Conservation through Research Education and Action (CREA) conserves and undertakes conservation activities at its 410 hectare Cocobolo Nature Reserve in the Mamoni Valley. CREA’s goal is to make every person an advocate for the conservation of nature. It does this through research, education and action.

To do this CREA uses the following methods:

  • Research to know and understand what natural capital exists, what services it provides, and how it can be impacted by our activities.
  • Education to build awareness of nature’s capital, its bounty, its fragility, and its role in underpinning everything that allows us to survive and prosper and live the lives we currently enjoy.
  • Action to build momentum through networks and campaigns so that all can enjoy, learn, and respect nature for its inherent value as well as the value it provides to human endeavor.

CREA attracts world class researchers from all over the world to investigate its rich and unique wildlife. It is discovering many interesting facts about the biodiversity in this region, which hosts a variety of migratory birds during certain parts of the year. It holds annual inventories of birds, mammals, reptiles & amphibians, and plants, showing a rapid increase in numbers in all categories and demonstrating that the wealth of these forests is truly amazing.

CREA also offers educational courses for high school and university students in tropical ecology and conservation. These courses are well attended and offer a trip and experience of a lifetime to young participants who come from many parts of the world.