The members of the Mamoní Valley Preserve (MVP) Association have lands, operations and facilities in the Mamoní Valley.  They are continuously developing new activities and facilities that support the mission of the MVP. These activities have already attracted thousands of conservation-minded students, along with cultural- and eco-tourists.  If developed as grandly as many folks envision, the MVP will stimulate international attention and a robust local economy in the years to come.

ACTIVITIES – The primary activities currently being conducted in the Valley are:

  • leadership training by Geoversity
  • land stewardship, ecological enhancement, agroforestry, silvopastoral systems, and eco-tourism by The Mamoní 100
  • reforestation by ForestFinance
  • research and education by CREA
  • research by Kaminando Habitat Connectivity Initiative

FACILITIES – The primary existing facilities and most exciting soon-to-be-existing facilities are:

  • The Center for Biocultural Leadership (Centro Mamoní)
  • The Mamoní 100’s nurseries and integrated system demonstration farms
  • CREA’s Cocobolo Nature Reserve
  • Finca Madroño
  • Kaminando Biological Field Station

In addition, the members of the MVP Association have collaborations with a variety of outside organizations that partner in providing activities within the Valley.